How to get free food or discounted food from Restaurants

McAlister's Club Sandwich

Try these tried and true methods for getting free food or discounted food from your favorite restaurants.

Going out to eat these days can be so expensive, especially if you have three kids like we do. Families these days are often so busy that they rarely have time to cook dinner and are forced to eat out during the week. This can be so expensive. I am going to show you a few tips and tricks that we use to get free or discounted food from your favorite chain restaurants. Follow along with these tried and true methods that we often use when we are heading out on the town. Continue reading “How to get free food or discounted food from Restaurants”

Great Wolf Lodge

Story Time at Great Wolf Lodge

A fun family atmosphere at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC

Right before Christmas this past year we moved out of our home and into a temporary place to stay. We are a little cramped for room and since the kids have plenty of toys we thought it would be nice to tell the grandparents to get them something other than toys. We had this great idea to take them to Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC.

All this is geared towards kids.

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park
Indoor water park at Great Wolf Lodge

Now, Great Wolf Lodge is a family friendly resort that has an indoor water park.
The indoor water park is the main draw for the place.
They also have two restaurants, a grill, a pizza place, ice cream shop, Dunkin Donuts, mini bowling alley, arcade, spa, and much more. All this is geared towards kids. There are a few located around the US but the one that is closest to us is in Concord, NC.


There is so much to do to keep you busy while here but be careful, it can be a money trap.

Bentley at the Indoor Water Park
Bentley in the Kiddie Water Park at Great Wolf Lodge

This ended up being an awesome present for the kids. This was our second time
coming here and we have had a blast both times. My parents are the ones who gave the present to our kids and also gave each one of the kid’s gifts certificates to Build A Bear. There is so much to do to keep you busy while here but be careful, it can be a money trap. A few money saving tips would be to book your stay at least three months in advance. Another tip would be to stay during the week. This will also give you a cheaper rate, but it will also be less crowded.

Photo Frame at Great Wolf LodgeFollow along on our journey. Of Course, if you follow our Youtube channel you already know we regularly post our video journeys on our trips we take. We are going to start posting them in here too so our readers can go along with us too. Posted below will be two separate videos for Day 1 and Day 2. If you want to stay up to date on our Youtube channel, make sure you subscribe to it also. Furthermore, we will have a restaurant review coming Thursday from a restaurant within Great Wolf Lodge.

Day 1 Click on the video to watch

Day 2 Click on the video to watch

Top 5 Steakhouse Chain Restaurants

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Americans Love Steak, this is the Top 5 Steakhouse Chain Restaurants.

It is no secret that Americans love their steak. In America, Steak used to be a food that was consumed on a special occasion to celebrate a milestone or achievement. Furthermore, it was consumed on special occasions because it was expensive. Most families in the South were hunters and gathers and consumed wild game meat for their protein source. With the rise in industrialization, families went to work and sold off their land. They traded it for a manufacturing job. Meanwhile, commercial meat consumption started to rise. This brought the price of a steak down so most families can enjoy it more than on special occasions now. Above all, this brought about the modern restaurant. Presently, a Steakhouse restaurant can now be found in most towns. This is the Top 5 Steakhouse Chains in America. Continue reading “Top 5 Steakhouse Chain Restaurants”

Popcorn, Indiana Sriracha Popcorn

Popcorn, Indiana
Sriracha Flavored Popcorn from Popcorn, Indiana

There are few things in this world as popular as popcorn. Just recently the family and I went to the movie theater and as soon as you walk into the door, that smell of freshly popped popcorn hits you in the face. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had popcorn air fresheners all throughout the place trying to get you to buy more. No doubt, Americans love their popcorn. We especially love it flavored. Butter, cheese, and caramel flavored among some of the most popular flavor options. Well, I have found a company that has added the popular Sriracha hot sauce to their offerings. This week we are reviewing Popcorn, Indiana Sriracha Popcorn. Continue reading “Popcorn, Indiana Sriracha Popcorn”

Southern Food Junkies Restaurant Reviews 2016

Joey's Pancake House
Joey’s Pancake House

Come along with us as we recap the Restaurant Reviews 2016

This past year saw a lot of changes for many people including us. To be specific, it was the start of our Youtube Channel. We did our first restaurant review while my wife and I were on a trip to Spruce Pines, NC. We stopped at a restaurant called Famous Louise’s Rock House.  After a few reviews and recipe videos, I decided to start this blog. Since we have now entered 2017, I have decided to recap all of the restaurants that I visited last year from the first ones on Youtube all the way to the last one of 2016. Come along with us as we recap Southern Food Junkies Restaurant Reviews 2016. Continue reading “Southern Food Junkies Restaurant Reviews 2016”

Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours

Jesus is the greatest gift
Merry Christmas from the Williams Family

Wow, can you believe Christmas is already here?

Where has the time gone? This year has simply flown by. Of course, It seems like yesterday 2016 was just beginning and now we are looking toward 2017. I hope this past year was your best one yet. It is really hard to believe that today is Christmas Day! Continue reading “Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours”


Thanksgiving is more than just spending time with family and friends

As we draw closer to the end of Thanksgiving week, it ushers in a lot of emotions. It can be happy for some, and a very sad time for others.  There are people traveling all over to meet with family and friends they may not have seen in a while. This is the start to the busiest time of the year. In the midst of summer we was all wishing for fall to get here, now fall is almost over and it is about time for Winter. I have to say that this is my favorite time of the year. It starts with College Football season and one of my favorite things to do, Hunting. Then we continue on to Thanksgiving then Christmas. We have to remember, though, that Thanksgiving is more than just spending time with family and friends, it is about being thankful for what you have. Continue reading “Thanksgiving”