Thanksgiving is more than just spending time with family and friends

As we draw closer to the end of Thanksgiving week, it ushers in a lot of emotions. It can be happy for some, and a very sad time for others.  There are people traveling all over to meet with family and friends they may not have seen in a while. This is the start to the busiest time of the year. In the midst of summer we was all wishing for fall to get here, now fall is almost over and it is about time for Winter. I have to say that this is my favorite time of the year. It starts with College Football season and one of my favorite things to do, Hunting. Then we continue on to Thanksgiving then Christmas. We have to remember, though, that Thanksgiving is more than just spending time with family and friends, it is about being thankful for what you have. Continue reading “Thanksgiving”

Southern Cornbread Dressing | Julia’s Simply Southern

Awesome Southern Cornbread Dressing 

Hey, Y’all! Southern Food Junkie was kind enough to ask me to stop by to share a favorite Thanksgiving side dish….Southern Cornbread dressing. Southern Cornbread Dressing is a comforting, classic dish for the holidays.

I’m not only going to give you my dressing recipe, I’m going to give you three just in time for Thanksgiving! My regular recipe, a shortcut version, and a version in case you don’t have to feed a crowd.

Cornbread Dressing Julia's Simply Southern Continue reading “Southern Cornbread Dressing | Julia’s Simply Southern”

Southern Food Junkie Road trip to Boone, NC

Can you believe its Fall?

Greetings fellow food junkies. This weekend My family and I went on a Southern Food Junkie Road Trip to Boone, NC. It is fall and the mountains are showing their colors. This is my favorite time of the It is time for family gatherings, pumpkin everything, and beautiful colors. What a great time to be outdoors. This is also a great time for traveling.

On this Southern Junkie Road Trip, we visited several really great places. We started out on Friday afternoon heading out from our hometown.  Our first stop was supposed to be The Dan’l Boone Inn in Boone, North Carolina. When we arrived there the line was wrapped around the building so I made an executive decision based on the grows from my stomach, so we decided to wait till Saturday to try it out. Instead, we found an awesome place in downtown Boone, North Carolina called Our Daily Bread.   Continue reading “Southern Food Junkie Road trip to Boone, NC”

Southern Food Junkie’s Blog

Southern Food Junkie’s Blog

We would like to personally welcome you to our brand new blog. Southern Food Junkie’s Blog will be sharing all of their content that they publish on youtube plus news and updates that are going on with us.

Southern Food Junkie has been publishing video’s on youtube and guest blogging for a local blog in Rock Hill, SC named The Rock Hill Reader. We finally decided to branch out and create our own blog. Continue reading “Southern Food Junkie’s Blog”