McAlister's Club Sandwich

How to get free food or discounted food from Restaurants

McAlister's Club Sandwich

Try these tried and true methods for getting free food or discounted food from your favorite restaurants.

Going out to eat these days can be so expensive, especially if you have three kids like we do. Families these days are often so busy that they rarely have time to cook dinner and are forced to eat out during the week. This can be so expensive. I am going to show you a few tips and tricks that we use to get free or discounted food from your favorite chain restaurants. Follow along with these tried and true methods that we often use when we are heading out on the town.

Email Clubs

The majority of restaurants have an email list that you can join. They often call these email clubs or fan lists. When you sign up on these, they often send discount coupons once a week. Sometimes it can be kids eating free coupons or even 50% off of one meal with the purchase of another meal. This is a great way to take advantage of having to eat out during the week when you are too busy to cook. Make sure you sign up for these email clubs to take advantage of these awesome deals.


receipt from Jersey Mikes
Free sandwich and drink from Jersey Mike for my birthday

The same email clubs that you signed up for to get the weekly coupons will also send you coupons on your birthday. Some of the time these are your best deals with free sandwiches or appetizers being some of the deals you get. Now think about this, if you sign up at ten different restaurants, that is ten coupons you could be getting. Now let’s say that you sign up your wife and kids. You can see where I am going with this. I have a co-worker that does this and on his birthday month, he will eat free lunch for about two weeks.

Rewards Program or Loyalty Program

Fast food restaurants like sandwich shops will sometimes offer rewards programs. These consist of building up points for purchases or buying a number of sandwiches and then at some point one will be free. These are good thing to do if you frequent a place often. If you are going to be eating there anyway, why not get the free points too so you can take advantage of the free food. There are some restaurants that now offer this too. When I go out, I see a lot of people not taking advantage of these programs. It makes no sense why. This is a good way to get free or discounted food.

Restaurants where kids eat free

Steak and Shake
Courtesy of Steak and Shake website

Finally, we look at the last and in my opinion, the best way to get free or discounted food from a restaurant. There are many restaurants that offer free food to kids on certain days of the week. Some restaurants, like O’Charley’s, offer kids to eat free every day all day. Make sure before you set your mind on a restaurant to give that restaurant a call and see if they are still offering that special. I have found that it may work in one town and not in another. This is due to different owners of the franchises. Every restaurant is different and the age levels may also differ. So just check with them first to get the details. If you have three kids like we do, this can save a good bit of money. Below I will make a list of some of the places that we often go to for free or discounted food for kids.

McAlister’s Deli Tuesdays 5-9pm

O’Charley’s All day every day

Steak and Shake All day every day

Firehouse Subs Sunday

Ihop was offering kids eat free but I cannot confirm it at this time

There are tons of restaurants that offer coupons and discounts for free food. If you are going out to eat anyway, why not save some money. Comment below if you have used any of these methods to save your family money. As always, we like to thank you for stopping by, and feel free to share.

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