What to use to get started filming YouTube Videos

When I started my Youtube channel, I read countless articles, watched youtube videos, and studied other bloggers websites. There is so much information out there that it is hard to tell what is honest and what is not. I am sharing with you some of the information that I have found vital to my short success. I will post links to products that I use and recommend. These links will be affiliate links which mean the companies that I am referring you to will give me a small percentage of the sale to send you to them. This is where it usually gets tricky and hard to tell who is being honest and who is not. I would never recommend a product or service that I would not use or have not used. These are very important, but cost effective resources to use to start your very own Youtube videos.


Canon HD Camera: I use a camcorder similar to this one about 40% of the time. I bought this one several years ago and it is a discontinued model now. We bought it originally for family videos. It still puts out awesome video and the sound is really good on it. This would be my second option camera if I was starting out and could not afford the Canon 80D. My first would be my Smartphone. Of course, the best camera is always the one you have with you.

Moto Force Android phone: I record about 90% of my videos with this phone. It has an awesome camera and works well in low lighting. The sound is also really good without using the lapel mic if I need to. If you are just starting out, I would recommend using your phone. Find an editing software app for it ( I use Kine Master and love it) learn how to use it well. You can make really good videos with just a smartphone and editing app.

Nikon D3300 Camera:  I use this for a lot of my still shots, especially shots of food that I have cooked. I have the model made right before this model camera. If I were to buy another one today I would get the Canon D80 DSLR here. The Canon would serve two purposes. I could use to take my still shots and videos. I know it is expensive and that is the reason I do not have one yet.

Bags for Camera

Camera bag: I currently have two Lowepro Bags, one for my Canon Camcorder and one for my Nikon Camera. They are really good bags and protecting your equipment is essential.

Camera Bag: If I bought a new one today, though, I would get this one. It is Amazons Basic brand. It is a much cheaper price than the one I have plus it is a backpack style bag. I love the backpack style bags.


Cheap Tripod to get you started: As of now I just use a cheap tripod like this one for recording. I do not use a lot of panning shots off of the tripod. I will eventually upgrade to a better one with a fluid head for panning shots. I use this mostly when I film cooking videos and I need an adjustable height tripod.

Tripod for Moto Force/Smart Phone:  This is not the exact same one I have but if I were to buy a new one this is the one I would get. This is a vital tool I use for filming. I use this for my in car shots, for filming while I am eating, and I set it up on the ground for some cool shots. *Update* The cheap one I had ended up breaking so I bought a Joby Gorillapod but I feel like this one is made better than the one I had so you should be fine with this starting out.

Tripod I currently use Joby Gorillapod SLR Zoom with Ballhead: I bought this as a replacement for the tripod I used to use for my phone. This is a much better quality tripod. This is an awesome tripod and I feel like it will last for many years. When using my phone with this tripod, I use this mount here, Joby Griptight Pro Smartphone mount. It connects right on top of the Ball head of the Gorillapod. It works really well. I have a YouTube Video review of it here. You can see the combo kit that I bought when I first got it.


Wireless Lapel Mic:  I use this exact same mic for recording. I use it with the Canon Camcorder and also with my Moto Force Phone.


Storage for video/pictures

SD Cards:  I have tons of cards. Most are high speed like this one. This is essential when taking multiple shots with your DSLR camera that the recording or writing speed is fast. It allows you to take faster shots. Some cameras will not work with slower speed cameras. Really you should only need 1 main card and a backup card unless you like to leave your content on your cards. I rip it to my backup storage on my main computer.

Backup storage:   Again I have an older version of this same one. Mine is 2 TB which is still a ton of storage. You can back your whole computer plus all your pictures and videos on this bad boy. If you delete them, you will never have them again. This is good in case you want to remake a video with older footage.

Editing Software

This is where I am struggling now. Right now I have two different types of editing software. The first is a computer based program I have is Pinnacle Studio. It is an older version and I am not sure I like it enough to recommend. I am familiar with it, though. To be honest the one I use the most and that is the easiest to learn is called KineMaster. This is an Android based app that I use on my SmartPhone. It works great because I take the video with my Moto Force, then I can edit it right there. No need to download the video to my computer. There is a paid version that I do not have yet but plan on getting in the future.

Final Thoughts

My advice to anyone that is just starting out would be to use your Smartphone and KineMaster together to make awesome videos. Make sure you get a small Smartphone tripod that is listed above and the lapel mic and you are set to make professional looking videos. Once you get good with it then you can upgrade to better equipment. I hope this post for resources for filming videos will help you out. If you like it, make sure to share it as it gets out content out. You can check out our videos on our Youtube channel, Southern Food Junkie.

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