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Cornbread Dressing Julia's Simply Southern

Southern Cornbread Dressing | Julia’s Simply Southern

Awesome Southern Cornbread Dressing  Hey, Y’all! Southern Food Junkie was kind enough to ask me to stop by to share a favorite Thanksgiving side dish….Southern Cornbread dressing. Southern Cornbread Dressing is a comforting, classic dish for the holidays. I’m not only going to give you my dressing recipe, I’m going to give you three just […]

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Nishie G's Cafe

Nishie G’s Cafe Rock Hill, SC

Nishie G’s Cafe is serving up Greek Southern comfort food. This week we are back with a local restaurant in Rock Hill, SC. A Southern Greek-inspired restaurant that has been serving Rock Hill for the past decade. What makes them so good is that it is fresh, friendly, and quick. This is a sit-down dinner with […]

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