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11 Thoughtful Kitchen Gift Ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a kitchen gift for mom that she will love, why not consider something from this curated list for her? After all, many moms love to cook and spend time in the kitchen, so a kitchen gift idea for moms is both practical and thoughtful.

11 thoughtful kitchen gift ideas for mom on Mother's Day.

Whether your mom is a master chef or just enjoys trying out new recipes, we’ve put together a list of 11 thoughtful kitchen gift ideas for moms that are sure to impress. From high-tech gadgets to stylish accessories, these kitchen gift ideas are perfect for showing your mom just how much you appreciate her. So, without further ado, here are 10 thoughtful kitchen gift ideas for mom on this Mother’s Day.

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Kitchen Gifts for Mom

Instant Read Thermometer

One of the most used items in my kitchen is an instant-read thermometer. Every time I cook any kind of meat I use it to make sure it reaches the correct temperature.

Thermoworks Thermapen One is a instant read thermometer.

Not only are they great for temping meat, but they are also useful for checking other things as well. I use it to check the temperature of the water when I am feeding my sourdough starter.

I also use it to check the temperature of frying oil when cooking Southern-style catfish. There are just so many uses for it, which is why I think it is one of the best kitchen gift ideas for moms on Mother’s Day.

I have tried a few off-brands over the years. A few have broken, and I still have one, but Thermoworks makes the one I love the most. It is a professional-grade thermometer used by Chefs and home cooks alike.

Thermapen will be one of the best gifts for moms who love to cook.

What We Like

  • Super Fast: If you try a cheaper brand, you will find that it has a delay in the time that it displays the temperature. Thermapen is super fast at displaying the temp. This is important if you are standing over a blazing hot grill.
  • Professional: Thermoworks Thermapen is of professional quality and made to last.
  • Large Display: Thermapen has a nice large display that is easy to read.

What We Don’t Like

  • Splash Proof: While this may seem like a pro, I wish it was waterproof instead of splashproof.
  • Premium Price: The price is higher than many instant-read thermometers but this one is worth the price.

Coffee Frother

If your mom is a coffee connoisseur, she is going to love this little kitchen gadget! For someone who likes frothy, creamy milk for their coffee, this gadget does the trick.

Zulay coffee frother and mixer.

Also, a frother can be used for other things as well such as blending protein powder or making DIY whipped cream. If she loves egg omelets, she could use the frother to aerate the eggs for a fluffy omelet.

What We Like

  • Better Taste: Frothed milk can add a delicious creaminess and sweetness to coffee that can make it taste better
  • Variety: With a frother, you can make a variety of coffee drinks that require frothed milk, such as cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos.
  • Convenience: If she enjoys coffee drinks with frothed milk, buying a frother can save her time and money in the long run, as she won’t need to visit a coffee shop to enjoy their favorite drink.

What We Don’t Like

  • Cleaning: Most of the time just rinsing is enough to clean this frother depending on what you frothed, but if you need to wash it, you can’t get the whole unit wet.
  • Noise: It can be loud and noisy.
  • Limited Use: While there are a few other things you can do with a frother, it may not be as practical as other kitchen tools or gadgets.

Check out this cool gift idea: the coffee frother! It’s one of those awesome kitchen gadgets perfect for moms.


The AeroGarden is an automatic growing system that will allow you to have fresh herbs in your kitchen year-round. It is a hydroponic growing system which means the roots are in water all the time. You do not have to worry about watering plants as the system does it automatically.

You basically have to add water once it gets low, but the light will cut on and tell you when, and also add nutrients, which the indicator light tells you when to add that too. It is so simple to use and you can grow an abundance of herbs right there in your kitchen beside your stove.

Fresh Herbs All Year Round: Tips for How to Grow Herbs Indoors with Aerogarden.

If your mom loves cooking with fresh herbs and veggies, the AeroGarden may be the perfect one of the best kitchen gift ideas for her. With the AeroGarden, she will be able to grow fresh herbs and veggies year-round right on her counter.

The best part is it is pretty much automatic. The light, the water, everything is programmed to take care of itself. The only thing you have to do is add water every so often and more nutrients. AeroGarden makes one of the great kitchen appliance gifts for moms!

What We Like:

  • Easy-no fuss: One of the Easiest ways to add fresh veggies and herbs to your diet.
  • Virtually fool-proof: Anyone can grow an abundance of herbs and veggies in the AeroGarden.
  • Convenient: Grow Herbs year-round right on your counter. You can have it close to your cooking area to have the freshest herbs possible for cooking.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Overcrowding: Because the plants grow so fast, they can get overcrowded quickly.
  • Maintenance: Although the AeroGarden is easy and foolproof to use, there is ongoing maintenance. When you have to replace the plants you have to clean the whole system.
  • Price: While they are convenient, easy, and foolproof, they come with a price. They start at $100.00 for the cheapest and go up from there.

Bread Making Kit

Sourdough is all the rage right now and for good reason. Sourdough is a tasty bread that is better than traditional white bread since it is fermented.

For the mom who loves to bake bread or has wanted to get into making sourdough bread, this Bread Making Kit is sure to please her. It comes with all the tools she needs to start making homemade bread at home.

If she isn’t a fan of more traditional sourdough bread, have her try this Easy to Make Sourdough Bread using a Potato Flake Starter. It is less sour and has a fluffier texture with the same great benefits as traditional Sourdough Bread.

What we like

  • Quality: For the price, the quality of this kit is pretty good.
  • Great for beginners: This kit is great for moms just getting into making bread. It includes everything they need to get started.
  • Price: If each piece in this kit was bought separately it would cost much more than the price of the kit.

What We Don’t Like

  • Bowl is smaller: Although the quality and price are right, the bowl seems to be slightly smaller than others.
  • Smell: When you first get the item, it has a stronger smell that may need to be deodorized or aired out.

Espresso Machine

Like the Coffee Frother above, this gift is for the mom who is all in on their morning coffee. The Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine hits the sweet spot between a beginner model and a high-end model.

Although this gift seems a little pricey, it is really on the low end of Espresso machines which can typically run $1,000 to $2,000 for a quality home unit. From the reviews online, this machine is a quality unit for the price.

What we like

  • Compact design: Most quality espresso machines are bulky and heavy. The compact design allows it to fit on the countertop with space to spare.
  • Great for beginners: There are no complicated dials or features. The user interface is quite simple which makes it great for beginners.
  • Easy to use: Because it has the dial and no high-end features, it makes Calaphon Temp IQ Master very easy to use.

What we don’t like

  • Can be noisy: It is a little louder than some of the higher-end models out there but don’t let that stop you from buying this little unit.
  • Dual wall filter: Most experts agree that a single wall filter is the best. Lower-end units use a double-wall filter to create a “fake” crema of sorts.


What mom doesn’t love a good cookbook? Cookbooks make great gifts for Mother’s Day or any other holiday. I love this one called Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines. This is one of the best cooking gifts for mom.

Southern Cook book called Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines

If you have not heard of Joanna and Chip Gaines, you must be living under a rock. They became popular because of Joanna’s eye for detail in designing which led to a super popular TV show called Fixer Upper.

Joanna Gaines is deeply rooted in her faith and family which is why she loves to cook so much. According to her Bio, she believes in Home! This cookbook is filled with Southern comfort dishes that are sure to delight your family and give you that truly home-cooked meal they desire. 

If your mom already has Magnolia Table, check out this list of my favorite Southern Cookbooks I have curated. Some of these she may have never heard of but would love to have them her your collection.

Favorite Recipes:

  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Fried Chicken

Pots and Pans Set

Most moms may already have a pots and pans set but maybe you are buying for a new mother that would love a nice quality set of pots and pans or maybe your mother’s set of pots and pans have gotten old and needs replacing.

All Clad Anodized cookware is one of the best gift ideas for mom this mothers day.

Having a nice set of pots and pans improves your cooking skills.

All-clad is a premium quality cookware brand that has been around for a while. Their products are known by home chefs and professionals alike. This set has premium non-stick surfaces and offers many versatile cooking options. It is one of the most liked kitchen cookware sets.

You will not go wrong with buying Mom this set of pots and pans for Mother’s Day.

What we like:

  • Easy to clean: The non-stick coating on these All-Clad pots and pans makes for easy cleanup after cooking.
  • Stacks and Stores Neatly: The way the pans are designed, they nest into each other which makes them stack and store neatly without scratching the nonstick surfaces.
  • Versatile: These pans have a high working temperature which makes them able to go from the stovetop to the oven.

What we don’t like:

  • No pour spout: While we love the All-Clad pots and pans, we wish they had a pour spout on them to make pouring liquids, sauces, and gravies easier.
  • Can scratch: As with most non-stick pans, they tend to scratch if extra care is not taken.


If you are looking for one of the best cooking gifts for Mother’s Day, look no further than the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot is a multi-cooker that can replace several appliances such as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, and more. It is a popular kitchen appliance that has gained a lot of attention in recent years, and it can make a great Mother’s Day gift for several reasons.

Instant Pot is a great gift idea for mom on Mother's Day.

One of the big draws to an Instant Pot is how quickly it cooks foods that would normally take a long time to cook or tougher cuts of meat, such as roast beef.

What we like:

  • Time-Saving: The Instant Pot replaces many of the kitchen appliances that you would normally use and cooks food in a quicker time such as rice, beans, and tougher cuts of meat.
  • Versatility: The Instant Pot can cook a variety of dishes, from soups and stews to rice and pasta.
  • Convenience: The Instant Pot is easy to use and clean, which can be a big selling point for Moms who do not have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

What we don’t like:

  • Learning Curve: While the Instant Pot is easy to use, it has a lot of buttons and it takes a little getting used to it.
  • Bulky: The Instant Pot is available in a range of sizes, the larger models can be bulky and take up a lot of counter space.

High-Quality Dish Towels

If your mom’s house is like mine, she is always needing more dish towels. Dish towels are the workhorse of a kitchen that is used for all sorts of things from spills to wiping counters, to drying dishes.

Kitchen towels are always wearing out and need to be replaced.

Homaxy waffle dish towels are super absorbent.

I love these Homaxy 100% cotton waffle weave dish towels. They are super absorbent and have a high star rating.

What we like:

  • Ultra Soft: These dishcloths are ultra soft and do not get as stiff as some do.
  • Absorbent: With the 100% cotton and waffle pattern, these Homaxy dishcloths are super absorbent which makes cleaning up spills a breeze.
  • Quick drying: These dishcloths dry super quickly.

What we don’t like:

  • Snag: Some negative reviews mention the waffle design is easy to snag.
  • Stains: Some reviewers also mention that these dishcloths stain easily. The main thing is to rinse them or wash them after you clean up spills before it has time to set in.

Vegetable Chopper

The Mueller Pro-series Chopper is a very versatile and convenient kitchen appliance that can help users save time and effort when preparing meals. This chopper is designed to quickly and easily chop vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other ingredients, with consistent results and minimal effort.

Mueller pro-series chopper makes a great mother's day gift for mom.

The Mueller Pro-series Chopper can be a great gift for Mother’s Day for several reasons. Many Mothers enjoy cooking and this chopper will make cooking easier for them. It is versatile and can be used for a range of kitchen tasks, making it a useful tool for mothers who like to experiment with different recipes and cuisines.

What we like:

  • Time-saving: The pro-series chopper saves time by being able to chop whole veggies into the size you need in one chop versus having to do it by hand with a knife.
  • Consistency: The pro-series chopper delivers even and consistent-sized veggies.
  • Easy to use: This chopper is easy to use and has a variety of functions.

What we don’t like:

  • Size: If you are cooking for a larger group, the size of the hopper on the chopper is small and will require frequent emptying.
  • Safety: The Mueller Pro-Series chopper has sharp blades that could be a concern for safety reasons.

Bread Maker Machine

If you have followed me for any time, you know that I am a big fan of bread machines. I got one for a gift some 13 or 14 years ago and loved it. Bread machines make great gift ideas but I think many times the bread recipe that comes with it is not very good so the machine doesn’t get used.

I know this was the case for me when I first received mine, so I got to looking for a bread recipe that I liked. Once I found one, I tweaked it to my liking and I came up with this Homemade White Bread in the Bread Machine recipe.

Cuisinart bread machine

My machine has since died on me and this is the one that I will purchase when I get a new one. Based on my research, this would be a great one to own and a great gift idea for mom on Mother’s Day!

What we like:

  • Stainless Steel: I love the fact that it is stainless steel and not plastic like many of the bread machines. I feel like this unit would be very durable.
  • Versatility: Not only can you bake bread, but you can cook other items as well. I love a versatile machine that serves dual purposes.
  • Easy to clean: This unit is easy to clean up with the stainless steel exterior and the non-stick bread pan.

What we don’t like:

  • Bulky: As with many kitchen appliances, they tend to be bulky and take up a lot of counter space.
  • Noise: Most bread machines do make a lot of noise but it is only when it is mixing.


When Is Mother’s Day This Year?

Mother’s Day 2023 is on Sunday, May 14th

What day Is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday.

Who founded Mother’s Day?

Anna Jarvis is credited with founding Mother’s Day in the United States. She organized the first official Mother’s Day celebration in 1908, and it was recognized as a national holiday in 1914.

What is the purpose of Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a holiday that celebrates and honors mothers and mother figures. It’s a day to show appreciation and gratitude for all that they do.

Some popular gift ideas other than the ones listed above are flowers, chocolate, jewelry, spa treatments, and personalized gifts. Kitchen gadgets and tools are also great gift ideas for moms who love to cook and spend time in the kitchen.

 Thanks for stopping by Southern Food Junkie. It is our hope that you enjoy this recipe sharing it with friends, family, and coworkers. Make sure to take time to give thanks to the creator, God, by which all blessings flow.
John 6:35

-Ronnie | Let’s Get Food Junked

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