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Give us this day our daily bread

On this episode of Southern Food Junkie we stop by a local sandwich shop in Downtown Boone, North Carolina. Our Daily Bread is making sandwiches, salads, and soups the right way. They source as much of their local ingredients as possible. Their bread is fresh baked from another local business, Stick Boy Bread Company.  By doing this they not only provide the absolute freshest and tastiest food possible, but they also help support the local economy.

The atmosphere at Our Daily Bread is that of a college town, but college students are not the only one patronizing this shop. While there I noticed many families, friends, and couples enjoying food over conversations. The romantic charm of the building and golden glows from the lights sets the perfect atmosphere for a dinner date.

While here I enjoyed a few of different sandwiches choices as someone with kids often has the opportunity to sample their kid’s leftovers. The sandwiches were so huge that even my wife had almost a half of sandwich left, to which I tried also. All the food was very, very good. Although the sandwiches were out of this world, my favorite would have to be their desserts. After our sandwiches we split two dessert offerings, the chocolate cake and peanut butter and chocolate chip cheese cake.  Both were simply delicious.  When you visit make sure you save room for the dessert, you will not be sorry.

Make sure next time you are in the Boone, North Carolina area you give Our Daily Bread a shot. I think you will be completely satisfied after you leave. Do not forget to let them know that you saw this review on Southern Food Junkie. We appreciate our fans.

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