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Do You Have Rusty Grill Grates?

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Let’s talk about grill grates. Do you have rusty grill grates? Well, I had rusty grill grates and I am going to show you how I fixed my issue with my rusty, crusty, and flaky grill grates. No one wants that stuff in their food so what do you do to fix this issue? Let’s talk about it.

The Problem With My Rusty Grill Grates

My grill, a Broil King Baron, originally came with cast iron grates. While I initially loved their heaviness and performance, over time, they started deteriorating due to moisture and usage.

Broil King Baron Gas Grill.
Broil King Baron Gas Grill

I opted for the cast iron grates to put that perfectly great sear and grill marks on my steaks and chicken. The problem is, they are a lot of maintenance and upkeep.

You have to constantly oil them to keep them from rusting. Also, the constant heating and cooling cycles from the grill cause them to sweat thereby rusting.

My grates were in total disarray. They were flaking and breaking bits and pieces off each time I grilled. It was awful. I was getting all those rusty bits on my food and I couldn’t stand it any longer. I knew there had to be a better way.

Closeup of my rusty grill grates

The Search for New Grates

Considering my options, I contemplated purchasing a new grill or exploring a pellet smoker. But I really loved this grill as it was a high-quality grill.

The idea hit me to just replace the grates with new grates. That’s when I began searching for stainless steel grates.

Exploring Alternatives

After visiting the Broil King website, I discovered that they offered stainless steel grates for $49.95 each, with each grate measuring around six to eight inches. With four sections needed for my grill, the cost started adding up.

I was determined to find an affordable alternative, I turned to Amazon and stumbled upon a brand that provided the grates I was looking for at a significantly lower price point.

Introducing Stainless Steel Grates to Replace My Rusty Grill Grates

I finally settled on a brand named Votenli to replace the rusty grill grates on my gas grill. The great thing about this company is they have replacement grates for just about every manufacturer of gas grills.

The grates I purchased are made of 304 stainless steel and measure seven millimeters in diameter. While the grates from Broil King may have been eight millimeters, I found these stainless steel ones to be incredibly sturdy and of high quality.

Votenli stainless steel grill grates.

I was thrilled with my find, especially considering the entire set cost me under fifty dollars! That is the same cost as just one section from the manufacturer.

Installation Process

Installation is a breeze. You pretty much just remove the old grates and lay the new ones back in place. After thoroughly vacuuming the grill and removing the old grates, it was time to install the new ones.

I carefully placed the heat shields back in their proper positions and then proceeded to fit the stainless steel grates in place. The new grates looked impressive and promising, giving my grill a fresh and upgraded appearance.

Burning in the Grates

Before using the new grates for cooking, I wanted to ensure they were properly seasoned and ready for action. To do this, I fired up the grill and allowed the grates to burn in for a while. This process helps remove any residue or oil from the manufacturing process and prepares the grates for optimal performance.

Cleaning the New Grill Grates

Cleaning the new grill grates is a cinch. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to work with a company that sells a product called The Great Scrape. The Great Scrape is a wooden paddle that you use to clean your grill grates with.

The awesome thing about using The Great Scrape is you no longer have to worry about using a wire brush. Using a wire brush can risk getting metal bristles in your food.


By investing in new stainless steel grates for my gas grill, I’ve enhanced my outdoor cooking experience without breaking the bank. The durability and quality of these grates are impressive, and they provide an excellent cooking surface for my favorite recipes.

If you’re considering upgrading your grates, I encourage you to explore affordable alternatives like the ones I found on Amazon. Remember to properly season your new grates before use, and soon you’ll be enjoying mouthwatering meals prepared on your revamped gas grill. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube video on this topic for visual guidance. Until next time, happy grilling!

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-Ronnie | Let’s Get Food Junked
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