Palmetto Cheese

Palmetto Cheese

Palmetto Cheese
The South’s Best Pimento Cheese

Palmetto Cheese, The Pimento Cheese with Soul!

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This week on Southern Food Junkie we are doing a food review.  What a better way to start it off than with one of the south’s favorite foods, Pimento Cheese. I grew up on pimento cheese. It is cheap and makes great sandwiches. I came across a brand that I had never tried before so I decided to give it a go. Wow! This was the best pimento cheese I have ever had. This week we tried out Palmetto Cheese, made right here in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

What sets most pimento cheese recipes apart is the spices that are used in them.

Some of you may be wondering what exactly is pimento cheese. Pimento cheese is a blend of cheese, usually a sharp cheddar combined with mayonnaise and pimento peppers.

Palmetto Cheese
Creamy, Cheesy, Palmetto cheese

Of Course, the type of mayonnaise used contributes to the different taste achieved. Depending on the area it could be Duke’s mayonnaise, which most southerners use, or Hellman’s mayonnaise. What sets most pimento cheese recipes apart is the spices that are used in them. Everyone has their secret spice they like to add in them. As stated above, this can vary from area to area of the south, but at the core, the ingredients listed above are the basics.

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So why is this considered a southern food then?

The history of pimento cheese is slightly cloudy. The research I have done has pointed it to originating from up North. So why is this considered a southern food then? First, pimento peppers were rare and expensive because they were imported. The south’s weather was perfect environment to grow them so once they started growing them here in the south the pimento cheese spread was adopted as a southern favorite. Palmetto Cheese gets its name ironically, from the nickname of the state of South Carolina, The Palmetto State. Palmetto Cheese is made in Pawley’s Island, SC.

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Believe it or not, it is also awesome on top of a hamburger too.

All things considered, pimento cheese might be one of the southerners favorite snack foods. It can be used many ways. For instance,

Pimento Cheese on Saltine Cracker
Pimento Cheese Spread on Saltine Cracker

I enjoy it between two slices of white bread or on saltine crackers. Believe it or not, it is also awesome on top of a hamburger too. It is now showing up in all sorts of recipes from the south all the way up north. For Example, I like to use it on a grilled ham and cheese. Make sure you try Palmetto Cheese for yourself. I am sure you will love it too. If your grocery store does not have it you can ask them to get it in or have Pawleys Island Specialty Foods to ship it to you. Finally, make sure you watch the video below to see my taste test with the kids and me.

Pawleys Island Specialty Foods
PO Box 1481
Pawleys Island, SC 29585

Click on the link to view the video of our taste test of Palmetto Cheese:

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