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Stubborn Soda Black Cherry with Tarragon Flavor

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Come with us as we embark on a flavor journey with our exploration of Stubborn Soda’s Black Cherry Tarragon. In this detailed review, we dive into the distinctive combination of black cherry and tarragon, unraveling the unique taste experience that sets this soda apart. Join us as we sip, savor, and discover the intriguing blend that elevates the traditional soda experience. Get ready to quench your thirst for bold and innovative flavors!

Stubborn Soda Black Cherry with Tarragon

Hooked on Soda

Ever since that first sip of ice-cold soda, people have been hooked on it. Soda is fizzy, sweet, bubbly, and refreshing. People love soda and it is evident by how much the two big ones, Coke and Pepsi sell.

Now soda is like fast food or other sweets, it is meant to be enjoyed on occasion and not an everyday thing. Most of the big companies have resulted in using cheaper ingredients like high fructose corn syrup which is not as good for you.

Meanwhile, there are a plethora of craft sodas that are popping up that offer better ingredients like real cane sugar and no artificial flavors. This week we are reviewing Stubborn Soda Black Cherry with Tarragon Flavor.

Stubborn Soda’s Black Cherry Flavor Reminds me of Cheerwine

I love Cheerwine, it is one of my favorite sodas. Cheerwine is a small soda company based in NC. Cheerwine is Black Cherry flavored also. When I saw Stubborn Soda Black Cherry with Tarragon flavor I thought I had to try it because it sounded similar to Cheerwine.

Stubborn Soda is owned by a company in Ireland but is Based in Florida. They use no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, and use natural flavors. I guess if soda was good for you or better for you this would be the one to drink.

Unlocking the Distinctive Flavors of Stubborn Soda’s Black Cherry Tarragon

My initial thoughts on Stubborn Soda Black Cherry with Tarragon flavor is it’s nowhere as sweet as other comparable sodas. I like this fact too.

For the whole bottle, it has around 24 grams of sugar. On the other hand, most mainstream sodas have around 34 grams for 8 oz. serving. In my opinion, all companies need to cut back on the sugar.

Light On The Flavor

The flavor does not pop as much as Cheerwine, but that doesn’t mean it is not good. You can taste more of the soda water and the flavor doesn’t linger long on the tongue, which is more than likely by design since they want to keep you coming back for more. 

Stubborn Soda Black Cherry with Tarrogon
Stubborn Soda Black Cherry with Tarragon

Flavor designers can control how long a flavor lingers on the tongue which makes you crave more of a product to achieve the same taste.

The Tarragon Flavoring

The Tarragon flavor was faint and I could barely taste it. I thought it was an odd choice to have as a soda flavoring. The reason is most people use Tarragon as a herb when cooking fish or chicken.

 I did some research and found that some countries do use it as a soda flavoring, most notably in Russia. The anise-like flavor is added to the Russian drink and is most like our version of Ginger Ale.


In closing, If you see Stubborn Soda in the store you should give it a try. It is better for you than most mainstream sodas because of the natural ingredients and it has half the sugar.

Our journey into the world of Stubborn Soda’s Black Cherry Tarragon has been a flavorful exploration of craft soda excellence. From the fizzy, sweet allure reminiscent of traditional sodas to the innovative use of real cane sugar and the absence of artificial flavors, this soda stands out in the crowd.

As we bid farewell to the effervescent experience, it’s clear that the resurgence of craft sodas offers a refreshing alternative for those seeking a higher-quality beverage. Cheers to the delightful departure from the ordinary! 🥤🍒

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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