Tower Root Beer

Tower Root Beer Since 1914
Tower Root Beer Since 1914

Tower Root Beer, Quenching Boston’s Thirst Since 1914.

Disclaimer: Tower Root Beer was gracious enough to send their product to us to try. Our purpose at Southern Food Junkie is not to tell you a product is good or bad but simply to share with you a brand you may not have heard of before.

Root Beer, like most sodas, started out as a type of medicine. The ingredients in root beer were long used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes. Once someone combined the root tea with soda, root beer was born and forever changed the course of America. In other words, root beer is an iconic part of Americana. From the early days as a tonic to the 40’s and 50’s soda shop jerks making root beer floats. Root beer is a part of American Thread. This week we are reviewing a soda that has been around since 1914, this is Tower Root Beer.

Consequently, many of the larger companies use High Fructose Corn syrup.

There are many great tasting brands of root beer that is commercially made. I tend to like the smaller companies because they use higher quality ingredients but still have a great price point. Consequently, many of the larger companies use High Fructose Corn syrup. There is a lot of debate about the health effects of HFCS but my biggest grip is the taste of it. Cane sugar just tastes better in Soda.

Traditionally, Root Beer was made with Sassafras root, Wintergreen, Vanilla, Licorice root, and Anise. Sassafras root was banned by the US Food and Drug Administration some time back and now most root beers use artificial flavoring.

Tower Root Beer the Unofficial root beer of the New England Patriots

Tower Root BeerTower Root Beer is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Since this is the case, I am calling Tower Root Beer the Unofficial root beer of the New England Patriots. According to their website, Tower Root Beer did not actually start out making Root Beer. Their first soda was actually ginger ale. It was not till later on when the company decided to concentrate their efforts on making this specialized drink, root beer. It is a good thing they did because they sure are good at it.

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In summary, Tower Root Beer is a great tasting root beer. It has a clean finish with no chemical after taste. The carbonation is just right and it goes down without a lot of burn going down.  If you have not tried Tower Root Beer, I say what are you waiting for? It is widely sold in MA and NH and there are a few distributors that are selling it in other states. Also, make sure you watch our video on Tower Root Beer below.


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