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Counting Down the Best Bread for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (Top 5)

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Nothing is more iconic in America than the plain ole Grilled Cheese Sandwich. What seems so simplistic, is craved by millions of Americans. That Decadent gooey cheese and that buttery crust sandwich just somehow hits the spot. Today we are counting down the best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches (Top 5).

crispy golden brown grilled cheese
Crispy Golden Brown Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese started out as a staple during The Great Depression times as a means for an inexpensive meal, now it has become a sort of a gourmet dish.

Traditionally, grilled cheese was made from just plain ole white bread and processed cheese. Now, there are restaurants dedicated to making gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches with any type of cheese you can imagine and all of the best breads.

Photo by Lisa

They include other ingredients from Garlic butter to thick slices of bacon to caramelized onions. The Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich isn’t so plain anymore. 

Why The Bread is Important

In our opinion, the bread is the star of this dish. The bread makes up 50% of the ingredients in this dish. That is why it is so important to have the best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches.

Fresh Baked Bread

Fresh bread is the best but stale bread can work as well since you are grilling it. 

Top 5 Best Bread For Grilled Cheese Sandwiches-Starting with Number 5

5- White Sandwich Bread

White bread has to be included in the best bread for a grilled cheese sandwich. After all, that is where it all started. I would dare to say that everyone that has tried a grilled cheese sandwich has had a grilled cheese sandwich made with white bread at least once in their life. 

White Sandwich Bread-best bread for grilled cheese.
White Sandwich Bread

This is the classic sandwich that as a kid, you would dip in your tomato soup. 

I like to use American Cheese with white bread as this is the classic combo!

4- Texas Toast

Coming in hot at number 4 is Texas Toast. Texas Toast is just a thicker version of white bread. I love that it has that crusty outside and a soft chewy inside.

It is the perfect amount of bread to cheese ratio. Especially if you Stack a few slices of cheese (American cheese is best) between the slices of bread. Now you have yourself a match made in grilled cheese heaven. 

If you want a secret tip from a fast-food restaurant, check this one out. Next time you are near a Zaxby’s, ask them for a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon. Look for the grilled cheese sandwich on the kid’s menu.

They make their grilled cheese sandwich with Texas toast. Both sides are buttered, then two slices of cheese are added. You can order this sandwich and add bacon to it. Adding the bacon is a no-brainer, it is such a great combo.

I like to use American or Cheddar cheese with Texas Toast

3-Multigrain Bread

I know this may not be a fan favorite of everyone but hear me out. The texture and structure of Multigrain bread add a lot of depth to this dish. It makes for a crustier surface once it has been grilled in butter.

It also holds up better when dipping in soups like broccoli cheese soup or Potato soup. 

multigrain bread-best bread for grilled cheese
Multigrain Bread

I suggest using Cheddar,  Monterey Jack Cheese, Muenster, or Mozzarella with Multigrain bread

2- Brioche Bread

This bread may not be the easiest to find but it is so worth it. It has a soft and tender texture that once it is grilled, creates a nice texture of crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It has a slightly sweeter taste and the saltiness of the cheese balances this out. 

Brioche bread-best bread for grilled cheese?
Brioche Bread

I would suggest sharp cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese with brioche bread. 

1- Sourdough Bread

Coming in at number one is sourdough bread.

I am splitting this into two types of sourdough bread, tradition and Sourdough Bread made using a potato flake starter. 

The traditional is tangy sourdough bread with a chewy texture and a nice crust outside of the bread. It is more of an artisan bread that has a sour taste but it makes an excellent bread for a grilled cheese sandwich. It is one of my favorite kinds of bread.

Traditional Sourdough Bread-best bread for grilled cheese
Traditional Sourdough Bread

I would suggest Swiss or cheddar cheese

The second sourdough bread we are talking about is a Sourdough bread made using a potato flake starter. This bread is softer in texture, slightly sour, and a bit sweeter. It is closer to traditional white bread but with all the benefits of sourdough bread. It is hard to beat homemade bread and this is such an easy bread to make that anyone can do it. It makes you feel good to make your own bread as well.

I would suggest Pepper Jack Cheese, Goat cheese, muenster, or sharp cheddar cheese.  

Honorable mentions:

Potato bread

I left this one off because it is so similar to the sourdough bread made using a Potato Flake starter. Anytime I can have something homemade and bread that is good for you, I am going to do it.

Pullman Bread

Pullman Bread is essentially the same thing as white bread, just baked into a square loaf pan. Since it is very similar to regular white sandwich bread, I left this one off the main list. Also, It is harder to find unless baked homemade.

Rye Bread

I do not like Rye bread as grilled cheese. I think it needs some richness from meat such as pastrami or corned beef. That is why the Rueben sandwich works so well on it. Food is very subjective though.

English Muffin

I think the English Muffin is like the Rye Bread. It would make a good grilled cheese but I think it is better with other ingredients on it such as a poached or fried egg and bacon!


What is the Best Option for a Healthy Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

To make a grilled cheese sandwich, I would suggest using multigrain bread and Muenster, swiss cheese or Mozzarella Cheese, or a combination of the two or three. Skip the butter or Mayonaise and opt for a healthier fat to fry it in, like olive oil. 

How Do I Make A Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

Start with a cast-iron skillet or non-stick large skillet on medium heat to medium-high heat. Add in some butter. Lay down one slice of bread, then add your different cheeses. Next, add the other slice of bread. Cook the first side until the outside of the sandwich is golden brown. Flip over and cook the other side until it is golden brown and the cheese melts. Now you have a perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

crispy golden brown grilled cheese stacked on a plate

Can I Use Mayonasie on the Outside of the Bread?

Yes. Some people swear by this and say it is better than using butter. If you use Mayo, skip adding the butter to the pan. 

What Soups Would You Recommend Serving a Grilled Cheese With?

A few of my favorites would be tomato, Broccoli Cheese, and Potato Soup.

What is the Best Cheese to Use?

I think the best cheese is determined by the type of bread you are using. It is hard to beat American Cheese or Cheddar Cheese though if you can’t decide. They will pair well with most breads. Stack a few slices on or try a few different combinations of cheeses and get to cooking. The main thing is you want a good melting cheese on your grilled cheese sandwich.

Thanks so much for checking out this article. It is our hope that you enjoy reading and responding to our food blog. We loved sharing our thoughts on what we feel is the best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches.
Do you have a favorite bread that you like to use for grilled cheese sandwiches? Leave us a comment below and tell us about it.
Thanks again!

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